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Host a Private Xeomin Party, Get a FREE Treatment

Saying goodbye to your wrinkles never felt so good

It's simple. Host a Xeomin (purified bo-tox) party and get a FREE treatment. How much all depends on how many guests you book. 

Book 6+ guests        40 units FREE

Book 5 guests          20 units FREE

Book 4 guests          16 units FREE

Book 3 guests          12 units FREE

Book 2 guests          16 units FREE

Just you and a bestie? Book together and try a free lip flip (1) on us. 


Xeomin $10/unit (regular $12/unit)

Confused by units? No worries. Your injector will perform an individualized assessment on you and your guests to determine the necessary dose. While every person is different, the average treatment dose with most common treatment areas is listed below:

Forehead                 40 units

Frown lines              20 units

Crow's feet              24 units

Bunny lines               4 units

Get started by completing the "Host Inquiry Form" below.

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