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Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Temporarily reduce fine lines + wrinkles with FDA-approved injectable botulinum toxin treatments clinically proven to treat frown lines that have formed over time due to muscle movement beneath the skin. Our preferred medication is Xeomin, a doubled-purified neurotoxin free of unnecessary proteins. Traditional Botox is available upon advance request only.

Common treatment areas and average units required:



Forehead lines 12-24 

Between eyebrows (11's) 10-20

Around the eyes (crow's feet) 12-24

Undereye bulge (jelly roll) 1-4

Nasal wrinkles (bunny lines) 4-6

Brow lift 2-4


Smile lift/down-turned mouth corners 8-12

Dimpled chin 4-6

Platysmal banding 10-24 units per band

Jawline slimming/masseter injection 20-40 units per side

Note: Men typically require higher dosing than women!


Treatment effects can typically be first noticed within 3-4 days, full effect in 2 weeks. For best results, maintenance treatments are highly recommended every 3-4 months. Actual duration of treatment can vary from person to person based on dose, muscle size and physical activity level.

Xeomin $12/unit

Botox $14/unit 

We strongly recommend scheduling treatments no sooner than 4 weeks before a special event. 

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